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At Casinos Not On Gamstop we want to explain to you through this article how you can take advantage of the bonuses offered by online casinos. You have heard that when people achieve a privilege, there are always those who abuse them.

Bonus hunting, bonus abuse or, in English, bonus hunting. All these terms narrate the agility of those players who intend to win money in the long term, using the bonuses offered by online casinos. However, it is increasingly difficult to put this technique into practice, many players perpetuate doing it with success.

Want to find out how bonus hunting works and if it can be used in today’s online casinos not on gamstop to win money? So stay with us, since you have come to the right place.

Keep reading the article and you will be able to find out:

Why Bonus Hunting Used To Be An Easy Way To Make Money At The Casino
What has changed so that it is now so difficult to apply?
How to overcome limitations and take advantage of bond hunting today?
How high should the bets be when playing with bonus money? Includes computer simulations.
And the most basic … Would you manage to do it

At one time, hunting for bonuses was a relatively straightforward experience, now that online casino bonuses are large, have a low release requirement, and have no limitations on allowed games. This involves players who will be able to use the bonuses and rely on their expected positive value to make money in the long run.


Let’s say a player receives a $ 200 bonus with a wagering requirement of x25 (that is, 25 times the value of the bonus). Try to clear the bonus by playing a slot with an RTP of 98%. This means that the casino has a 2% margin, that is, the player statistically loses 2% of each bet he makes. The expected value of a bond in this case is $ 200 * (100% – 25 * 2%) = $ 100.

This is the way things were going. Unfortunately, these types of bonuses are a thing of the past.

Today, the space is totally different. Casinos have revamped their calculations and typically don’t offer bonuses that can be released with profits so comfortably. Despite this, that does not mean that players cannot use casino bonuses to win money. Of course, it is much more complex.

If you have a curiosity about how you can earn money playing online, the technique that I will detail now will clear up any doubts. However, you must be very clear that it is not an ideal method for all players.

At this time, bonus hunting is based on high instability and requires a considerable budget, a lot of peace of mind and nerves of steel to overcome the necessary negative streaks that occur with this type of strategy.

It works like this:

Make a deposit and get your welcome bonus.
Start playing offensively. Pick a slot with a high probability and play until you get a good prize or until you lose everything.
If you lose everything, go ahead and find another bonus at another casino. But if you win, you should have a solid foundation that allows you to comfortably meet the bonus release requirements.
Renew the tactic as many times as you can to make it beneficial. You may be lucky and win the first time, but it is also possible that you do not have it and you have not won anything after 100 attempts. For the slot used in the simulations (with an RTP of 96%), the chance of being in the red after 100 attempts exceeds 30%. If we go up to 500 attempts, the probability drops to 7.5%. However, we can see that after 500 attempts with the bonds, there is still the possibility of ending up in the red. However, that does not change the fact that the strategy is profitable in the long term.

No deposit bonuses and giveaways

The use of promotions has become very popular, bonuses are an attraction point for users when it comes to winning some money. That is why there are bonuses that do not present any inconvenience and can be easily released with profit, even as the online gambling market is today.

At the moment we have explained in a brief summary of what this article on bond hunting contains. Get a general idea about the subject before putting the detailed information and instructions that you will find below.

Hunting for bonus in the past, based on an expected positive value.
Gifts and bonuses without deposit.
Bonus hunting today, based on high volatility.

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