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curaçao online casinos
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Online casinos in Curacao that accept UK players are experiencing a boom at the moment, with more Brits than ever looking to sign up after regretting their decision to join Gamstop. To keep you safe and aware of the best offers and deals we’ve put together all the information you need. There’s a reason Brits are flooding to Curacao casinos, and it isn’t just to escape Gamstop, but the incredible features they offer as well, including but not limited to fantastic opening offers not permitted in the UK, cryptocurrencies and total anonymity.

Curacao casino online is one such gaming site, with a license to operate internationally from the Curacao eGaming authority. This is a licensing authority dedicated to testing and retesting curacao casinos online to ensure that global players can trust their sites, and so continue to return. Casinos that hold these licenses are then able to offer their services globally.

As with everything in life (we like getting philosophical here at xxxx[Clare POF3] ), there’s another side to this coin, and we’re going to discuss the potential pitfalls of using Curacao online casinos. You can then make an informed decision about whether continuing to gamble in casino sites not on Gamstop is really the best option for you, or whether it’s best to call it quits while you’re ahead.


Casino Curacao online differs in several key ways from UK-based gaming sites, licensed by the UKGC. With less restrictions than the UK, these casinos are popular for several reasons:

  1. Anonymous online casinos. Curacao casinos are particularly concerned with ensuring the anonymity of their customers, and it’s one of their main draws. Deposits and withdrawals are completely anonymous with many casinos and can be made with regular money, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin and offer payment services such as Neosurf or Paysafecard.
  2. Curacao eGaming licenses are in demand. Curacao has been identified as the ultimate place to gain a casino license for online gaming because of the various features offered. New casinos and those in planning are all seeking a license from Curacao
  3.  International and US gamers and players. Curacao sites are not only helping Brits evade Gamstop but are also popular with Americans due to restrictive gambling policies in the US. Curacao casinos welcome people from all over the world, in contrast to many UK casinos.
  4. Liver dealers and online slot games unavailable in the UK. The UKGC restricts many online slots and table games in British casinos that are popular with US players, for example. Curacao casinos offer the whole range, those that are allowed in the UK, as well as many that are restricted in British casinos. The best part? You’re not breaking any rules by playing.
  5. In demand game developers. In online Curacao casinos you’ll find the best and most popular game developers, as well as some new choices that are popular Stateside, should they take your fancy. With a range of over 20 providers, the variety offered by Curacao casinos is impressive.

What are the CONS OF CURACAOgambling online?

We’ve looked at the positives of online casinos in Curacao, so let’s take a moment to consider the flipside. Remember that these casinos don’t have as many restrictions as casinos covered by the UKGC, and so they’re not good options for people who are unable to control their gambling habits and think that they may have a problem. These casinos are for people who think they were too hasty in signing up to Gamstop and made the decision trivially. The UKGC always recommends that UK players use casinos licensed in the UK. But for those who are insistent on playing online with casinos in Curacao, here’s a summary of issues to consider:

  • Regulator remains independent. If you play in a Curacao casino and have a problem, the Curacao eGaming regulator will not step in on your behalf. The customer care teams of the casinos themselves are responsible for dealing with client complaints, questions or issues. This contrasts with the UK Gambling Commission, who protects gamblers with an appeal process against unsafe casinos.
  • Faster licensing. With less red tape in Curacao, online casinos can obtain licenses more easily and with greater speed than they would in the UK. If you’re a player this should make you wary of casinos that are unsafe, or those without SpelPaus, which may have slipped through the net. However, Curacao eGaming runs regular tests on the casinos they have licensed.
  • Less stringent gambling laws. Many countries such as the US and UK want to simultaneously take tax revenue from casinos as well as protect their citizens from long-term gambling problems. Curacao gaming licenses offer a legitimate way for companies to offer gambling services without so many restrictions, as the laws there are financially appealing, such as 0% tax on gambling profits and there are less restrictions in areas such as advertising and bonus offers.
  • Some Curacao casinos online are unsafe. This is one of the main reasons that UKGC advises Brits to stick to UK casinos. It’s easy for new casinos to get a license and start operating and should there be a problem the regulator is unwilling to get involved. If you’re worried about security, choose UKGC casinos, as you’ll have protection if something were to go wrong.
  • Lower taxes. Operators of Curacao casinos enjoy great tax advantages by operating there, as Curacao is a tax haven. This is appealing to every operator, with the big and high-end casinos setting up a presence there in order to not lose out. With lower tax bills to pay RTP is increased, increasing the profitability of Curacao casinos, although this has no impact on players.

Where else other than CURACAO CASINOs?

Malta, Gibraltar and Alderney are popular alternatives to Curacao online casinos, each of which have an offshore licensing body dedicated to regulating licenses of online and land-based casinos.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Malta is attractive to casino operators due to favourable gambling laws, and because Malta is a member of the EU. Holding a license with the MGA allows casinos to work anywhere within the EU. With low taxation on gambling in Malta and favourable gambling laws it’s no wonder that even the MGA online casinos are physically based in Malta.

The Gibraltar Gaming Authority (GBGA)

Many European casinos online operate through Gibraltar, an EU country offering attractive tax rates and gambling laws for casino operators. The GBGA licensing authority permits many casinos from around the globe to operate from Gibraltar. If you’re interested, we’ve compiled a list of Gibraltar casinos accepting UK players.

Alderney Gambling Commission (AGCC)

Licences issued in Alderney by the AGCC vary in type but essentially allow the license holder of the online casino to operate all over Europe.

UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)

All matters involving gambling in the UK are governed by the UKGC. The UKGC offers protection against fraud, prevents money laundering and promotes responsible gambling. Only high-quality, top-notch casinos are issued with licenses allowing their services to be offered to UK residents.


🌐 Are Curacao online casinos safe?

Online gambling sites licensed in Curacao are not as safe as casinos licensed in the UK by the UKGC, because the regulations are not as stringent for operators to get a license, meaning that unsafe casinos can filter through the process. We’ve provided a list of safe casinos in Curacao so that you can play securely. When selecting a casino, you can check the license is legitimate by cross-referencing the casino license page with the Curacao eGaming registry.

What is Curacao eGaming?

Curacao eGaming is the authority through which online casinos obtain legal licenses that allow them to operate globally. You can easily check the license by visiting the license section of the casino and referring back to the Curacao casino registry.

📌 What are the best Curacao casinos accepting UK players?

Refer to our list of best casinos, where you will find a list of safe and licensed Curacao casinos that are currently accepting UK players. You’ll be able to play even if you signed up with Gamstop, making deposits and withdrawals. Just remember that the Curacao eGaming regulatory body doesn’t get involved with player issues if something happens to go wrong.

📌 How do I make deposits?

You will need to make deposits in USD or EUR, as Curacao casinos are internationally operated, and don’t operate in GBP. To exchange currency cheaply you can use one of the new generation of currency exchange services, such as neteller, visa, mastercard, skrill, some crypto maybe accepted , which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


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