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One of the most significant issues when gambling online is how to make deposits and withdrawals. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online casino, slot site, or bingo site; the same problems apply for UK players.

Naturally, UK players are somewhat skeptical about online payment methods for a whole variety of different reasons. But with non-GAMSTOP sites based outside the UK, the main issue is not being able to pay via PayPal. It’s one of the biggest online payment systems there is, so it can be a pain when it is not available. Particularly so if you use PayPal a lot and are familiar and comfortable with it.

However, there are alternatives to consider, so there’s no need to be stuck even if you now regret signing up for GAMSTOP.

So let’s take a close-up look at what payment methods are available on non-GAMSTOP websites. You may be surprised to learn about how easy and secure it is, even without PayPal as an option.

By Card

You can wield the old plastic – debit or credit card – as these remain the most popular and prevalent payment methods online. Unlike on sites based in the UK and regulated by the Gambling Commission, sites abroad are allowed to take credit card payments. Whether you have GAMSTOP in place or not, overseas gaming sites are a popular choice for many UK players nowadays.

Sites based abroad accept all the major credit card providers such as Visa and MasterCard. Some will also accept debit card payments. Card payment is instant and extremely convenient. However, the downside is currency charges if the site does not accept payment in GBP. So it would be useful to consider that as an extra cost.

If you pay by credit card bear in mind, the site will not allow you to make withdrawals this way. In this case, withdrawals are via bank transfer, and this will take at least two days to arrive into your account.

As you would expect, online casino sites, etc., use standard security and encryption to ensure all your sensitive data remains safe and secure.

By E-wallet

Payments by e-wallet are typically the fastest way to make deposits and withdrawals. They are becoming another popular way to send and receive money online. Of course, PayPal is the biggest and most well-known, but there are plenty of other providers out there as well.

Here are some of the e-wallet options you may see on offer at non-GAMSTOP websites like online casinos and so on. There are some alternatives that you may not have heard of before, but which are highly respected and trusted online. Among the e-wallets you should look into are:

The main benefit of having an e-wallet is that withdrawals are much faster than bank transfers. They are also a convenient place to keep your pot separate from your other cash. Withdrawals from the e-wallet to your bank account vary, but will typically take around two to four days.

The e-wallet with the lowest fees is ecoPayz. Unfortunately, it is not always offered as a payment option, so check if it is accepted first on the site you want to use before setting up an account.

By phone

Payments via your phone are only available in the UK. Sites outside the UK cannot offer you this method. But this is not a biggie. You have many other deposit options you can use.

By cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency deposits via Bitcoin and Ethereum, etc., are becoming increasingly common among online casinos. The significant benefit is the added layer of security that comes from using cryptocurrency as your stake money. Of all the cryptos around, Bitcoin is the most common on offer among online gambling sites.

By pre-paid voucher

The voucher most widely accepted on non-GAMSTOP casino-type sites is Paysafe. Pre-paid vouchers are another excellent payment method for UK players wishing to join a site that’s based outside the UK. They are convenient and allow you to deposit anonymously with the minimum of fuss.

Similar to any other online voucher you may have used before, pre-paid vouchers carry a 16-digit code. To make a payment, log in to the site you wish to use and enter the code. There’s a text field to choose the amount you wish to deposit.

You get pre-paid e-vouchers online and in many places on the high street. Just check first with the site that they accept the voucher you want to use.

The two most widely accepted pre-paid e-vouchers are Paysafe and Neosurf. The Neosurf website also features a handy search tool to find your nearest offline stockist. It lists all the outlets in your area and displays their location in Google Maps.

While pre-paid voucher and Bitcoin deposits are appealing and secure, a few online casinos will still ask for identity verification. Several online casinos allow you to play 100% anonymously using these methods if this is a concern. Choosing the best payment method for you is just as important as choosing the right casino. It is best to get both right the first time for your peace of mind and playing experience. So always check the payment methods that are available before setting up an online gambling site account. You don’t want to endure all the form-filling only to find you can’t make a deposit.

However, bear in mind setting up an e-wallet is not a lot of work. They go to pains to make the process as fast and pain-free as possible. Plus, you can use an e-wallet to pay for a whole range of online and offline purchases in conjunction with mobile payment systems. So it is likely to be well worth the effort to make many aspects of everyday life a little easier.

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