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Lucky Larrys Lobstermania 2 Slot Review:- If you thought Lobstermania was unbeatable before, you’ll be pleased to learn that it now involves wilds, jackpots, and multipliers. There’s no longer just the Buoy Bonus to go fishing for prizes; there’s also a Free Spins Bonus!

Lucky Larrys Lobstermania 2 Symbols, Graphics, Sounds, and Animations


50 Free Spins


£5 Free


Lucky Larrys Lobstermania 2 is a slot machine with 40 paylines and a minimum wager of 60 coins. Yeah, it now comes with a programmable AutoSpin function. Winnings are counted from left to right on each payline. Just the highest prize awarded per payline is charged, but several prizes for the same win add up.

Paytable for Lucky Larrys Lobstermania 2

Lucky Larrys Lobstermania Not On Gamstop has a jackpot.

During normal play, the Jackpot alternative occurs at random. It can be put on any of the regular symbols, and if it appears on three or more successive reels, you’ll win the Jackpot multiplied by the coin’s weight.

The jackpot is not available during the free spin rounds, and one jackpot can be won per spin. The jackpot winnings are added to the overall prize regardless of whether you win per payline in the same spin.

Lucky Larrys Lobstermania Not On Gamstop


During each of the Lucky larrys lobstermania 2 not on gamstop regular game’s spins, the multiplier will appear on the central reel, represented by a “X5” on a sign of a Buoy, Yacht, Lighthouse, or Houseboat; or a “X3” on a Buoy, Boat, Lighthouse, or Houseboat.

The multiplier must be part of a winning payline in order to function, since it multiplies the win on this line by X3 or X5.

Lucky Larrys Lobstermania 2 has a common bonus feature that includes free spins and special games.


Lucky Larrys Lobstermania 2 not on gamstop has a Free Spins Bonus in addition to the Buoy Bonus from the original game. You must land three bonus symbols on an active payline to unlock one of these two bonuses. However, keep in mind that the Bonus sign only exists on reels 1, 2, and 3.

When the Bonus option is triggered, the game will ask you to choose between the “Lucky Larry Buoy 2” and the “Lucky Lobster’s Free Spins,” and whichever bonus you choose will earn you a multiplier of between X40 and X95 of the chosen currency’s worth.

Bonus 2 for LUCKY LARRYS LOBSTERMANIA 2 not on gamstop

Inside the key slot, the Buoy Bonus is always an additional bonus game. To begin, choose if you want to go fishing in Brazil, Australia, or Maine.

From here, the game continues as in the original Lobstremania not on gamstop: you get 2, 3, or 4 buoys, each of which will hold between 2 and 4 lobsters with multipliers ranging from X10 to X575 the value of the coin or the Golden Lobster, depending on the position you choose.

LUCKY LARRYS LOBSTERMANIA 2 not on gamstop: Bonus with the Golden Lobster

When you pick a Golden Lobster while the Buoy Bonus is working, you will receive a different bonus based on the destination you choose:

Australian Kangaroo Bonus: Each kangaroo pays out between X50 and X250 the coin’s worth. You must choose babysitters and increase earnings. The sum of the coin is multiplied by 200 if one of the Kangaroos contains the Golden Lobster.

Bonus from the Brazil Octopus: each chest has a multiplier ranging from X1 to X5. The procedure is the same as with the Kangaroo Bonus, and the Golden Lobster has the same meaning (X200). The bonus, though, stops if you have the Golden Lobster in the first chest.

Key Bonus: Pelican, with multipliers ranging from X160 to X625. You can choose whether to keep the multiplier that came out after seeing what the first pelican hides or refuse it and keep trying your luck to find the X625 reward after seeing what the first pelican hides. If not, the third pelican to emerge would be the last one.

LUCKY LARRYS LOBSTERMANIA 2: Free Spins Bonus from Lucky Lobster

LUCKY LARRYS LOBSTERMANIA 2 not on gamstop bonus takes you out of the regular game and onto a round of 5 bonus spins with extra-rich reels but no multipliers or jackpots. Free spins can be reactivated up to a limit of 240 per spin during the round.

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