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What Is The Name Of The Sequel To Return Of Kong Slot?


Return Of Kong Megaways Not On Gamstop:- The 13th Megaways slots from Blueprint Gaming, Return of Kong Megaways, were released exclusively on PokerStars on April 26, 2019. The action is nonstop, and the game’s visuals and animations are top-notch.

However, as the title suggests, that’s more of a nostalgics journey down memory lane rather than a try to re-create the wheel.


It has six reels, three to seven rows, & up to 117,649 methods to win per spin. Return of Kong Megaways slots not on gamstop is available on all devices, and you can wager between 10p and £100 per spin.

Based on the Cascading reel feature & a few antics from Kong himself the base game is entertaining. Both the mystery symbols and the progressive multiplier work in your favour here.


However, it is the free spin feature that gets you involved in the game. Here, the multiplier is unlimited, and it’s easy to rack up a large number of free spins via a variety of different features.

In terms of RTP, the Return of Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop has an average of 96.03 percent. You should also keep in mind that this is a game with a medium to high degree of volatility, so you should adjust your bet level accordingly.

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Return Of Kong Megaways Not On Gamstop Design And Color Scheme


Blueprint Gaming’s Return of Kong Megaways slots not on gamstop has eye-catching themes to the 3D graphics that pull you in as users spin the reel. Like monkey Kong, a gorilla with an assortment of odd companions is the protagonist in this game, which is reminiscent of the Nintendo classic.


Return Of Kong Megaways Not On Gamstop Symbols?


You’ll find low-value card suit symbols like the 9 to A, as well as higher-value symbols like tigers, rhinos, and parrots, on the Return of Kong Megaways slots not on gamstop machine.

To win 50 times one’s stake if you land six of the King of Kong symbols on a pay line, the most valuable symbol is, of course, Kong himself. More than 10 times as much as the second-highest-paid rhino symbol.


Return Of Kong Megaways Not On Gamstop?


Cascading symbols feature, or Avalanche feature, is included in the Return of Kong Megaways. A new cascading set of symbols replaces all the winning symbols. Depending on the number of rows and also the number of ways of winning, each spin is unique.


Atop the reels, on the right-hand side of the screen, is a “throne” where King Kong sits and occasionally launches a golden barrel at the reel. Mystery symbols will appear on the reels at random during the game, and when they do, they will be transformed into identical symbols, increasing your chances of winning.


Return Of Kong Megaways: Free Spins


Return of Kong Megaways not on gamstop requires four scatter symbols that spell out “K-O-N-G” to be landed on the middle reels to activate the free spins feature.

For every subsequent scatter that appears, you’ll receive five more free spins. Wins multiply the multiplier by one and there is no upper limit to the multiplier’s potential.


The monkey trophy collecting is what sets this free spins bonus apart. Every time a golden monkey appears just on a horizontal reel above the ordinary reels, the symbol collecting meter on the left is increases. Getting three of these trophies unlocks an additional two free spins and an enhanced number of Megaways.

Return Of Kong Megaways Not On Gamstop Rules Of The Game:


There are only a few basic steps needed to get started playing:


  1. After the game has loaded, you may press the I button to begin playing 


  1. Adjust your bet by clicking the up – and – down arrow on the right side of the screen.


  1. You can use the auto-play functions for up to 100 spins, and you can set loss and win limits for each spin.


  1. Press the PLAY button and have a good time!


Players can win as many as 117649 times on Return of Kong Megaways slots not on gamstop. As a result, each reel can display between two and seven icons, and there will be an additional horizontal reel at the top.


Sizes Of The Bets


While Return of Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop has a wide betting range, there are still many ways to win.

High rollers & penny slots players alike will find this game appealing.


Ways To Win:


When three or even more matching symbols appear on adjacent reels, you’ll receive a cash prize. It is possible to earn a lot of money because of the huge rewards that may be found. The ultimate reward is approximately 50 000 times your initial bet.

Payout Ratio (Rtp) And Volatility


The RTP of Return of Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop is reported to be 96.03 percent. Because this slot is so volatile, you’ll discover that most of your profits come from bonus features instead of a continuous stream of low-value winnings in the regular game.

To maximize your bankroll, you’ll have to be willing to put more money on the line than you would on a low-volatility slot machine.


Return Of Kong Megaways rules And Bonus Rounds


The extra features of a Return of Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop are nowhere! One by one, we’ll go through them:


Reels With Cascading Reels:


Each time a winning combination appears on the reels, the Cascading Reel feature is triggered. As a result, the winning symbols are withdrawn from the reels, and new ones are dropped in their place. This will give you a chance to win a new game.


The Mystery Of Kong:


At any given time, a random event will cause this function to be activated. Toss golden barrels at the reel set, and Kong will appear, adding up to 100 mysterious symbols on the reels. To boost your chances of getting a winning combination, this golden barrel will convert into matching symbols after the spin is over.


Free spins are by far the most popular and solely available bonus feature. Using the scatter symbol, players may spell out the word “KONG” on the reels and unlock a bonus round. To set things up for what is to come, an unexpected eclipse dims the otherwise bright reel set.


Other benefits come along with free spins. Just like in the previous arcade game, Kong is willing to throw some barrels on the reels, and all these barrels are golden and thus are added to the total winnings in a stash.


Collection Of Monkey Trophies:


Megaways and free spins are increased by collecting the golden monkeys during the bonus round. They all result in a new version of the app. During the free spins, the Wild symbol becomes active & interacts with the other symbols.


It Is Possible To Play For Money:


If you’re a seasoned player who doesn’t feel the need to try out the game for free, this is the best choice for you. Every day, we scan the market for all casinos to bring you a comprehensive list of the best areas to play games and the associated welcome bonuses.

To perform Return of Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop, simply click the link at the top of this page and you’ll receive a generous welcome bonus.


Try Out The Free Trial Version Now!


Perhaps you’re unsure if this game is right for you. A free trial might be a good idea anyway, just to make sure you’re not missing out on anything. On this page, we’ve installed a demo version of the software. Just click the link and you’ll be able to play the demo of Return of Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop right away.


Kong Megaways Returns To 200 Spins!


As mega way engine gameplay with massive potential go, this one was a no-brainer for us to play. To begin, we increased the maximum number of auto spins from the default of 10 to 100. Because we didn’t want the auto spin to stop for any reason, we chose infinite win/loss levels.


As a result of the game’s medium to high volatility, it is not as jarring as some other mega-way engine slots. The 14x to 26x multipliers in the base game were a frequent occurrence, as were the golden barrels mystery symbols. In the end, they didn’t have much of an impact because they were mostly used as lower-value royal symbols.


Triggering the free spin bonus round organically started to turn out to be not so simple, so in the end, we seemed to have no choice but go for the bonus bet purchase option. For 100x our stake, we decided to go with the frequent bonus round instead of the mystery option.

This resulted in 12 free spins and a 1x multiplier for the unlimited progressive jackpot.


Good old Kong threw some golden barrels at the reels as the feature began, and we learned that an additional 100 mystery symbol barrels had been added. In the bonus round, the mystery barrels didn’t help us much, but we did get a few cool cascading wins.


We accumulated enough golden monkey to ensure 3,000 mega ways at the end, as well as six additional spins. Our total win was 144x our stakes, which means we made a profit of 44x the amount we paid for the feature. 


What Is The Maximum Prize (Jackpot) That Can Be Won?


Despite the lack of a local or progressive jackpot, you may still walk away with some significant cash prizes. It’s possible to win as much as 50,000 times your wager in this Blueprint Megaways slot machine, but the maximum jackpot prize is finished at £250,000.


Are There Any Locations Where I Can Compete Return Of Kong Megaways?



The Return of Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop can be played on both mobile phones and tablets, and Blueprint always ensures that their games look good on all devices. Your Android phone or tablet or iPad may be used to play this action-packed game everywhere you go.


The Return Of Kong Mega way Mobile Slot:


The mobile version of the game has indeed been completely reworked. You can play it on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone because it’s been designed to work well on all of them. No app or software is required to use this service. Just open the game in your browser from your preferred casino & start spinning.


Demo of the Returns of Kong Megaways Slot

In addition to the standard version, this game can be played for free. To a person’s eyes, the Returns of Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop demo and the real money game are the same.

Only one difference separates them: the banking aspect. For virtual balances, winnings can’t be cashed out because they’re not real.


Returns of the Kong Megaways slot not on gamstop demo are helpful in this regard. A variety of options are available to you, including the ability to set the bet for the spins, see the game in action, and even see how the bonus features are triggered.

Check out a variety of bets and see if the game reacts & pays out differently.

Pros And Cons Of Return Of Kong Megaways Slot Not On Gamstop

Return Of Kong Megaways Not On Gamstop Pros:


  • The original extras
  • Unknown symbols
  • The infinite multiplier for free spins.
  • Theme and graphics with a good sense of humour
  • Feel-good arcade games have a lot of potential.

Return Of Kong Megaways Not On Gamstop Cons:


  • High minimum and maximum bets Absence of progressive jackpots

Return Of Kong Megaways Slot Not On Gamstop Conclusion:


The reappearance of King Kong Megaways not on gamstop is a high-risk, low-reward slot, so if you’re looking for a long-term investment, it may not be the best option for you. Return of Kong, however, is an excellent addition to any collection of Megaways slots.

As with other Megaways games, this one has a cascading win, unlimited multiplier, collectible trophy, Free Spins bonus games, and then, of course, more ways to win than you can potentially keep track of.

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Return Of Kong Megaways: Frequently Asked Questions::


Return Of Kong Megaways Not On Gamstop Volatility?

This is a moderate to high volatility slot, & your bankroll will fluctuate greatly when you play this game. You must therefore exercise caution when setting your bet level if you hope to last for a longer period. Plan to wager at least 200 times your bankroll, if not more.

Return Of Kong Megaways Has A Bonus Round, But No Free Spins?

This is, without a doubt, the game's most appealing feature. There are additional golden barrels mystery symbols as well as an unlimited gradual win multiplier which tends to increase by 1x for each victory when you land four K-O-N-G scatters on the reels.

What's The Best Outcome That Can Be Achieved Here?

Megaways slot machines typically have a maximum win of £250,000, but you can eventually win up to 50,000x your stakes on Return of Kong Megaways.

In Return Of Kong Not On Gamstop, How Many Ways Can You Win?

This game does have a max amount of 117,649 mega ways, which means that the chances of winning vary from spin to spin.

5. How Does The Buy-In Option For Bonus Bets Function?

To get the spins bonus round, you must pay 100 times your stake. This feature is not available throughout all jurisdictions. The mystery option, which costs 150 times your stake, is also an option. After that, you'll spin a wheel of fate that can award you anywhere from 6 to 12 free spins with a beginning multiplier of 1x to 5x.

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