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Casinos Not On Gamstop Online is a website dedicated to helping Non UK Residents find an offshore casino that will allow them to play in their new country of residency.

We offer reviews and videos about the casinos, the games you can play that do not hold a UK Licence, making most of these Casinos Non-Gamstop. well as the latest bonuses and casino reviews bonuses and news.


Disclaimer is an online directory Not For Uk Nationals, but for Expats who have recently moved abroad and ex-pats from other countries looking to gamble.

This website doesn’t collect any sensitive personal data.

All Casinos are either played in Dollars or Euros  they operate on the following licences, Curacao, Cyprus, Gibraltar  and Malta. is an online directory Not For Uk Nationals, but for Expats who have recently moved abroad and ex-pats from other countries looking to gamble.

If your looking to self exclude yourself from gambling for a select period of time you can register at Gamstop.

Non Gamstop Casinos


Gamstop Gambling

Made a knee-jerk decision to stop gambling with Gamstop and regretting it? If you’re no longer a UK resident theirs no need buy have self excluded theirs no need to fret Casinos Not On Gamstop is a online directory of offshore casinos aimed at expats. You’ll find a list of casinos that aren’t registered with the Gamstop uk scheme that we’ve compiled here and which you can play from any country around the world, as long as you are no longer residing in the UK.
Lots of people regret volunteering to self-exclude from gambling sites. The good news is that there are sites that aren’t registered with the scheme in 2020, which means betters in the Not residing in the UK are able to get around the red tape if they choose.
So long as you’re not one of the 50,000 Brits who’re facing problems with gambling addiction, you can access a variety of games like bingo, poker and slots using sites like Fortune Clock, 4 Crowns Casino and Crazyno, which aren’t on the Gamstop register. If you are one of the problem gamblers, refer to our “Responsible Gambling” page.
Read on to find the following info on UK casinos that aren’t signed up to the Gamstop scheme, including:
Bonus offers and features of online casinos not registered with Gamstop
Payment options available with non Gamstop casinos for Expats.

Self-exclusion from gambling can be beneficial on the one hand, as it can be a great way to take control of a serious issue and manage your finances. For a certain amount of time you’re prevented from online gaming activities with all casinos registered with Gamstop. Many players, however, find they simply join an online casino that’s not registered with Gamstop, as they aren’t able to stop playing.

It might seem daunting to play with a gambling site that’s not on Gamstop, even if it’s at a UK gambling site. Most players are accustomed to being protected by the UKGC regulations but as a expratriate living abroad you may find yourself struggling to find a casino that you can register at. That’s why we’ve identified the most reliable iGaming operators operating outside the Gamstop network, all of which are 100% safe and secure. Here are our favourites:

So, what real-money gaming options do you have outside of the Gamcare network? We’re about to show you. As a rule of thumb, the choice of games on these sites will usually include favourites like bingo and slots.
Bingo and Lottery
UK bingo fans after some online bingo not on Gamstop can enjoy a variety of games. Games range from the standard 75 ball and 90 ball through to speed bingo and team bingo, often spiced up with bumper prizes and cash bonuses. All the lottery bingo networks that we recommend guarantee fair gaming session and are completely safe.
Gamblers who love the pokies won’t be disappointed, as UK slots that aren’t on Gamstop are readily available. With lots of special features and offers, engaging graphics and themes, you won’t notice the difference in how the games play. The main difference is that the titles weren’t developed by UKGC-licensed game developers.
If you’re missing the excitement of the poker table, then there are plenty of great poker sites not on Gamstop. It can be difficult to find a welcoming game operator even though you may have only intended to quit for a limited time. The good news is that non Gamstop sites showcase the best variants of poker you might expect.
Table Games
Globally popular table games like blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat can also be played at non Gamstop gambling sites, with high winning potential and unique features to each game.


Signing up for self-exclusion from casino gambling in the UK prevents you from accessing any of the UK gambling sites that are registered with Gamstop, as part of UKGC regulations. If you decide it’s time to start playing again, you’ll need an online casino not with Gamstop, as these will let you sign up and deposit your money so that you can then play real-money casino games. Offshore casino sites are not governed by the UKGC and will allow you to play. We’ve done your homework for you, and have found out all you need to know to play safe:
Licensed by Offshore Authorities. It is not only UK regulation that provides protection for players of online casinos. Malta and Curacao governments also license casinos that accept UK players, and operate outside of the UKGC remit, meaning that the casinos are not on Gamstop. They are able to offer their games to players around the world. Curacao and Malta Gaming Authority gaming licences officially allow international casino operation.
Gambling in USD and Euros. Non Gamstop casinos primarily target global players, not Brits, meaning you’ll be playing with USD and EUR. Various methods of making your deposit are available, and with companies like TransferWise around, you can convert money instantly and for next to nothing.
International crowd. Offshore casinos with foreign gambling authority licences are open to players across the globe, bringing an extra element of variety to the table. There’s no breaking rules and regulations as the strict UK gambling rules don’t apply. That’s what brings many Brits to the international online casinos not using Gamstop.
Slots and table games are available. Just like on regular UK or Gibraltar-based online casinos, gambling sites not on Gamstop can offer slots, poker, blackjack and other table games to give you just as much excitement as you’re used to. Take a look at our list of the best online slots not registered with Gamstop. Thousands of variants are available, as any discerning customer might expect.

Casinos not using Gamstop can clearly allow you to play real money games online, after you’ve signed up to Gamstop. If you think self-excluding from online casinos was a decision you made too hastily, you don’t have to live with the decision if you don’t want to. Here are some pros:
You’re not breaking any rules. Whilst you’re unable to play at casinos that are governed by the UKGC, you’re not breaking any rules by signing up to play at offshore online casinos not using Gamstop. You won’t have any issues with your Gamstop request after you register and use these sites.
Unlimited and unrestricted. In the UK casinos are licensed by the UKGC and with that come many restrictions and limits in terms of depositing and withdrawing, verifications and the bonus offers you are able to receive. International casinos tend to enjoy much greater freedoms such as higher deposit and withdrawal limits so that you are able to use the services as you wish.
Attractive bonuses and offers not available in UK casinos. In the UK, exceptionally generous promotional offers or high deposit matches are not allowed, due to the regulation of promotions and bonuses. Shopping around on internet casino sites that don’t use Gamstop, you can see incredible welcome offers, with up to 500% deposit match, or a no deposit casino bonus. But remember to always check the terms and conditions of the site.

Let’s not forget that there are some drawbacks to playing in an online casino, particularly if you’ve signed up to Gamstop because you have a problem. Ask yourself whether you registered with Gamstop for a decent reason and are going to exacerbate the problem. Things to think about:
Online casinos let you play even if you wanted to quit gambling. When you decided to sign up for Gamstop you intended to stop gambling. Gamstop blocks you from playing in UKGC authorized casinos, but international casinos fall outside the UKGC remit. If quitting is what’s best for you, pull yourself away and stick to your exclusion plan.
Potential misuse of savings. If you’re signing up to a casino that’s not on Gamstop your spending on games is going to increase. If you’re unable to control yourself and know that you spend more than you can afford this is a serious drawback. Gamstop is a very useful service to quit gambling, helping you to beat any gambling addiction you may have and saving you money in the process.
Deposit options are more limited. Casino sites that aren’t on the Gamstop register aren’t registered with the UKGC and offer a smaller range of payment methods to customers. The majority of operators are offshore and don’t accept many regular payment methods like PayPal. One of their preferred payment options will need to be used.

Many international gamblers and high rollers prefer to play anonymously, and as such demand payment methods that are untraceable. Payment options are often restricted to anonymous routes allowing identifying information to be withheld. These are the most common options:
Prepaid Cards and Vouchers
Highly convenient, prepaid cards are commonly used for depositing cash in international online casinos. As there’s no data given when topping up the card or purchasing the voucher in the first place, there’s no data to be given to the site, making the payment totally discrete. Common voucher brands include Cashlib or Paysafe and can be bought online or in regular shops, where available.
Virtual Wallets and Credit Card Numbers
With the rise of e-wallets and digital credit cards comes another option for paying offshore online gaming sites. We’ve bookmarked several sites that offer Neteller, Skrill and credit card payments to ensure a range of options are available.
If you’ve got experience with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin you’re pretty much set up already to make your anonymous online casino payments. If you’ve always been curious but not yet dipped your toe in the crypto water, then you’ll need a crypto wallet where you can exchange your sterling for whichever cryptocurrency, you’re looking to pay in.

So, to the crux of the issue. How do you know if an online casino that’s not participating in Gamstop is reliable? The key to answering this lies in the reputation of the operating casino company. A company with a trustworthy name will not risk the trust placed in it by players and will offer high-end, reliable services. So which companies that aren’t involved in Gamstop are the most reputable?
Alpha Interactive Solutions.
Alpha Interactive Solutions are a reliable casino operator licensed and operating a quality gaming service in Curacao since 2015. They’re owned by Ubiquin Limited, a reputable operator based in Cyprus. Alpha Interactive Solutions operate several casino sites, with their most popular being Casino Napoli and Split Acres.
Tall Mountain Limited.
Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Tall Mountain Limited offer several gambling sites outside the Gamstop network including Majesty Slots, One Spin and Club Lounge. They operate these with an international casino license issued by the Curacao eGaming licensing authority.
Topia Solutions N.V.
A Curacao licensed operator, Topia Solutions N.V. is based in Vredenverg, Curacao, and offers several gaming options that are not part of the Gamstop register. Its most frequented sites include All Wins Casino and White Lion Casino.
Vega World Solutions N.V.
Gale & Martin is the most popular non Gamstop brand operated by Vega World Solutions N.V.. The brand has operated under the jurisdiction of Curacao since 2019, with the parent company run from Cyprus.

Phone Number
0800 138 6518
Participating Companies
Not Registered Sites
Exclusion Period
6 months, 1, 5 years
Wondering what Gamstop is and how it can help you? Gamstop is an institution aimed at helping gamblers take control of their habits if they have a problem with gambling. Players can sign up to a self-exclusion period of 6 months, 1 year or 5 years, and during that time all casinos that are in the Gamstop network will block the individual from playing. All UK registered casinos that operate under the UKGC are in the Gamstop network. Once an individual uses Gamstop, operators may start to avoid them following the exclusion period, which has resulted in high demand for international online casino sites outside the Gamstop register.

The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited (NOSES). Launched on 30th November 2016, this non-profit organisation runs Gamstop, which was born in April 2018, and started with only 57 casino operators. Since then Gamstop has grown and it’s now compulsory for UK operated iGaming companies to sign up to the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme in order to renew their licenses.
Real-life support via phone or Live Chat. Gamstop offers live support for gamblers facing problems both on the phone and by chat, and so do casinos regulated by the UKGC. On the other hand, casinos operating outside the UK are often only required to offer email support services to their clients.
Gamstop updates its list of platforms on a monthly basis. A full list of gaming platforms that are operating under the Gamstop self-exclusion code is updated by Gamstop on a monthly basis, which can be useful for dealing with problem gambling. Companies that are not signed up to Gamstop are unlikely to keep or update any information regarding which platforms are operating under Gamstop.
Quit for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. Non Gamstop sites will often offer self-exclusion periods for a short period such as one day or one week. But with Gamstop the self-exclusion options are much longer, with no short-term alternatives. Problem gamblers are removed from the games for either 6 months, 1 year or 5 years.
Swedish version of Gamstop: SpelPaus. SpelPaus is a similar self-exclusion tool offered by the Swedish network of casinos. Some international casinos that are not on Gamstop are signed up to SpelPaus, so if you wish to self-exclude from these casinos you may want to look into SpelPaus. But be aware, many offshore casinos are not signed up to SpelPaus or Gamstop.

If you think you have a problem with gambling, but you find Gamstop doesn’t work for you, and you’ve figured out how to get around Gamstop self-exclusion, you might want to try out some other tools that can help you to quit. Here’s a list of other organizations that can help you if you need it:

Another non-profit organisation in the UK is Gamcare, which has been offering support to gamblers since 1997. It aims to help people build healthier gambling habits. They offer a free Helpline and live chat call NetLine, both of which are open seven days a week. The Gamcare charity has been offering psychological help and support to gamblers for over two decades.
At a wider level, NetNanny is useful software for controlling online habits in general. It’s suitable for all devices and operating systems and filters the websites you can access from your device. It’s an excellent tool for gamblers who are serious about self-excluding. Consumers can choose to restrict their access to all online casinos, preventing them from playing from their device.
Licensed casinos offer players the ability to set their own limits for how much they wish to deposit in a certain time period, as well as the ability to self-exclude from that casino specifically. It’s best to set limits in advance of playing, with options ranging from daily, weekly and/or monthly deposit amounts. These features can be invaluable to customers who think it’s in their best interests to take a break from the game.
Gamban is a browser extension that blocks all gambling sites and can be used on iOS, and Android for portable devices, as well as Macs and Windows for tablets and desktop PCs. It’s not free and must be paid for after a 14-day free trial period, but it’s supported by many authorities such as Gamble Aware.

Gamstop a Licencing Requirement in the UK
Adherence to Gamstop self-exclusion practices has become a requirement for issuing and reissuing online gambling licences by the UKGC. British casinos offering online services will be required to sign up to Gamstop by the regulatory body for gambling in the UK (the UKGC), in order to renew their iGaming licence, or for a new casino to obtain one.
Gamstop is Now Independent
In the past Gamstop was owned by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), which is a little like a “quit smoking” charity being owned by an association of tobacco companies. Now, Gamstop has become independent from the RGA, who no longer the own the system, ensuring that Gamstop make decisions with players in mind, rather than the vested interests of its owners. Rather, Gamstop is owned by members of its board, including Dr. Jo Watts, Jenny Watson, Roger Parkes, Kevin Beerling, and Mike Dixon.
ID Verification Improvements
Gamstop was accused of failing to protect underaged players and problem gamblers by allowing casinos that don’t require ID to operate. Industry experts complained that players can get around the ID requirements, and since then Gamstop have made concerted efforts to improve the procedures around identity verification.
Gamstop CEO Concerned about COVID-19 Quarantine
Lockdown is causing concern within Gamstop that problem players will start to lose control of their habits due to the psychological conditions imposed by COVID-19 social distancing measures. Fiona Palmer, CEO of Gamstop is urging those who are worried about problem gambling to consider a temporary enrolment in the Gamstop register.


What is the Gamstop scheme?
Gamstop is a self-exclusion network in the UK that lets gamblers opt out of the UK operated online casinos that are signed up to Gamstop At the moment there are still many UK casinos that are not yet on the Gamstop network where players are still able to join.
Is it free to sign up to Gamstop?
Yes, it’s run by a non-profit organisation offering the registry for free for those who need it.❌ Are there non Gamstop casinos?
Yes, non Gamstop online casinos are usually operated internationally with offshore licenses, but often accept players from the UK, and are not signed up to Gamstop. If a player has self-excluded with Gamstop, they are still able to join these sites, and instead offer internal tools such as limit setting and lock out periods.

What are non Gamstop gambling sites?
’Gambling sites that aren’t signed up to Gamstop tend to be offshore casino operators. These sites allow people to gamble despite having self-excluded with Gamstop. They’re usually aimed at international crowds such as the US and Europe, and tend to require USD, EUR or cryptocurrencies to play.

Which casinos are not on the Gamstop network?
Most casinos not on the Gamstop network are internationally operated and independently run. They have licenses issued in locations such as Curacao, Malta and Gibraltar that allow them to legally offer their services around the globe and aren’t required to follow the UK self-exclusion scheme.

Could there be issues with pay outs?
Most online casinos operating under offshore licences are interested in building trust with their players and a solid reputation amongst the crows, and so avoid creating any problems with pay-outs. However, without protection from the UKGC you are at a higher risk of fraud and are not protected in any way. Always do your homework – on sites like this and by cross-referencing the casino license number with the corresponding regulatory website – before you invest.

How to get around self-exclusion?
If you’ve signed up too hastily to Gamstop and are regretting your decision to self-exclude you can register at several offshore gambling sites such as Crazyno or Lord of Spins Casino, and you can continue to play there. But consider why you self-excluded in the first place.

Can I go to a land-based casino in the UK I’m signed up to Gamstop?
You can indeed. Most land-based casinos operate a different self-exclusion system known as “SENSE” and the database operates independently of Gamstop, which supports online problem gamblers.
Are bingo halls covered by Gamstop?
No. A separate system for opting out of bingo is operated by The Bingo Association, in the UK. To opt out of bingo head down to your local bingo hall and ask for a form. They’ll ask for your ID and you’ll then have self-excluded.

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Deposit Immediately min $30 max $1000
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Deposit Immediately min $30 max $1000
Deposit Immediately Upto 15 Mins min $20  max $2500
Instant gift card By Visa and MCInstant gift card By Visa and MC
Deposit Immediately min $25  max $500
Deposit Immediately min $10  max $250

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Deposit Immediately min $30 max $1000
Deposit Immediately Upto 15 Mins min $20  max $2500
Instant gift card By Visa and MCInstant gift card By Visa and MC
Deposit Immediately min $25  max $500
Deposit Immediately min $10  max $250

Wild Casino: Another Top Notch Non Gamstop Casino Offering A Fabulous No Deposit Bonus.

A Great Selection Of Slots, Live Casino Games Like Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, A Great Casino That Is Not On Gamstop And It Available For Uk Players. Accepts Credit Cards As Well As Your Usual Payment Methods As Well As Bitcoin





Interested in playing casino games anonymously? Anonymous online casino payments are no longer a niche operation here in Britain but is available for Expats. There’s no need to link deposits to your identity when you can pay using anonymous currency, transaction software and platforms, cryptocurrencies and more. In this article we’re discussing which features, and deposit methods you can use and how to keep your identity secret. We’ll include explanations for newbs who haven’t tried them before so you can understand the deposit and withdrawal method from start to finish.

If you want to use casinos with anonymous features, you can pay legally with cryptocurrencies through independent operators that are otherwise not in line with UKGC rules. On the other hand, any international gambling sites that operate under the UKGC without the anonymous feature have to ban cryptocurrencies as a expat you dont have this problem.




Our list of casinos with an anonymity option is up to date and regularly added to with the best new crypto casino sites. So, what do you need to consider when selecting a casino with anonymity?

  1. Regulated by the Curacao eGaming licensing body. We put Curacao casinos accepting  ex residents of the UK high up on our list of recommended casinos, as many offer great deals for players. They are licensed by the Curacao eGaming authority to serve global players accepting players from countries all over the world.
  1. Phone-optimized sites and apps. Anonymous casinos have invested in decent mobileoptimization services, like apps or sites that are mobile-friendly, so there’s no piddling around withtiny links or old-fashioned websites. It’s great for players who like the freedom to play fromanywhere. High quality anonymous casino apps that have been through the development and QCprocesses require by Google and Apple for their stores can be found at the Google Play Store or the

Apple App Store.

  1. Crypto payments preferred. International anonymous online casinos offer legal anonymity byaccepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Cryptocurrencies tend to be their preferred method of payment, and you may be able to find casino bonuses offered as an incentive.
  1. Anyone welcome. Even if a player has signed up with a self-exclusion service like Gamstop in the UK and has recently moved to a new country, you can play at a anonymous casino. They are able to participate, make deposits and play again. For this reason, Brits who are regretting a hasty decision to register with Gamstop are choosing to play withanonymous online casinos.
  1. No need for ID. Anonymous online casinos don’t require any ID whether you’re signing up,depositing or withdrawing. Crypto gambling sites are known as no ID casinos for good reason andprovide complete discretion; you’re never asked for your sensitive data, unlike other casinos.
  1. Popular American Software. With rigorous gaming laws in the US a great deal of anonymous casino frequenters come from the States. Popular US games providers are often featured including RT, Rival and Gameart. European software providers such as NetEnt, Playtech, Quickspin andMicrogaming aren’t typically found as they don’t have as much demand. We’ve put together a list ofthe best American casino games currently accepting for Expat Non UK players, if you’re on the lookout.



Credit card payments are out- as they carry your sensitive data- whilst anonymous platforms, coins and vouchers are in. In order to deposit with anonymous online casinos, you’ll need to be able to pay using a crypto wallet or other similar method, the most popular of which we dive into below:


The most famous and popular of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is readily available by exchanging GBP, EUR or USD for Bitcoin using a crypto wallet. Once you’ve obtained Bitcoin, you’re good to go with any casino that accepts cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been used for paying securely for almost ten years and is still dominating the crypto scene.

Bitcoin Cash

In 2017 after a fork in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash was born. One unit is cheaper to buy than Bitcoin (or another way of looking at it is that it’s worth less), and it can be used in exactly the same way. Check if a casino accepts Bitcoin Cash before making an exchange from GBP, and then you’re good to go with an anonymous online gaming deposit.


A runner-up to Bitcoin is Ethereum, a less volatile cryptocurrency that is cheaper to buy per unit. Globally it’s the second most favoured cryptocurrency, and online casinos tend to accept it, if they’re accepting a range of cryptocurrencies and not only Bitcoin. Double check the range of anonymous payment options available to you, as paying in Ethereum could be a good choice for you.


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency also popular globally. In anonymous casino sites that accept Litecoin you can change sterling for Litecoin and make anonymous deposits. Because Litecoin has a lower purchase price than Bitcoin and Ethereum, you’re able to buy more for your money, but as with all crypto purchases, be sure to check out the recent volatility of Litecoin before going ahead with the exchange.


Paysafecards are easy to use and can be more straight forward than purchasing cryptocurrencies. A lot of online casinos accept Paysafecards, as they’re incredibly convenient. In casinos that accept Paysafe, you simply purchase a voucher in a store or online that gives you a one-off code to make your deposit. This type of payment offers total discretion, and it can often be done by simply heading into your local shop, if the service is available there.


Neosurf uses the same system as Paysafecard but is less popular and not as widely available. However, it’s still used quite broadly across the around the world, and many anonymous online casinos support this payment method.

Just like Paysafecard it’s entirely discrete and untraceable. You buy a voucher or purchase Neosurf online, and you get a code in return to enter into the online casino deposit system.

Mobile Phone Billing

Finally, a very simple and convenient way to pay is by phone so that the amount gets added to your phone bill. This is widely used in Britain also around the rest of the world, and the only personalized data that is stored is your phone number. If the casino offers the option to pay by phone simply opt for this, enter the amount you want to deposit and then you’ll be asked to confirm by SMS message.


Are there any safety issues with anonymous online casinos?

Be sure to check the licensing page of the online casino, and cross-reference this with the licensing body database. In general, when you’re using an anonymous online casino, you’re foregoing some of the safety that can be expected from a regulated and audited commercial casino service.

Are there pros of playing with anonymous online casinos?

Of course, if what you’re looking for is anonymity, then the biggest benefit is that. You’re not risking your personal data or providing identifying information, so your gaming is untraceable. There’s an additional benefit offered by many anonymous casinos in the form of crypto bonuses when you make a deposit using their preferred method.

Are there drawbacks of playing with anonymous online casino games?

Yes. Your game isn’t protected by the UKGC if anything goes wrong but as a Expat you may not be able to reach your prefered casino abroad. Another drawback for you personally could be if you’re finding gambling to be a problem. If you’ve signed up to Gamstop because you feel you have an issue with gambling then by continuing down this road, you’re not taking the break that you may need, which is something to consider carefully. Finally, with sites aimed at international markets getting support may not be as easy as with UKGC regulated casinos.

Are anonymous casinos online legal?

Yes, so long as the casino site is licensed with a legitimate regulatory body, which doesn’t need to be UK- based. In the UK the UK Gambling Commission issues and regulates licences, in Curacao it’s Curacao eGaming, and in Malta it’s the Malta Gaming Authority. The same goes for licensing around the world

What are my deposit options?

You can easily use pre-paid vouchers, cryptocurrencies or add deposits to your phone bill, depending on the casino at hand. If you decide to go down the crypto route, you’ll need a crypto wallet to exchange your GBP into Bitcoin or other similar currency.

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